The Role of Gravitation in Physics

Report from the 1957 Chapel Hill Conference

1 The Chapel Hill Conference in Context
Dean Rickles
2 The Authors
The Original Chapel Hill Report
Cécile DeWitt
Session I Unquantized General Relativity Chairman: B. S. DeWitt
3 The Present Position of Classical Relativity Theory and Some of its Problems
John Wheeler
4 The Experimental Basis of Einstein's Theory
R. H. Dicke
Session II Unquantized General Relativity, Continued
Chairman: P. G. Bergmann
5 On the Integration of the Einstein Equations
André Lichnerowicz
6 Remarks on Global Solutions
C. W. Misner
7 Solving The Initial Value Problem Using Cartan Calculus
Y. Fourès
8 Some Remarks on Cosmological Models
R. W. Bass, L. Witten
Session III Unquantized General Relativity, Continued
Chairman: H. Bondi
9 Gravitational Waves
L. Marder, Presented by H. Bondi
10 Gravitational Field of an Axially Symmetric System
N. Rosen, H. Shamir, Presented by F. Pirani
11 The Dynamics of a Lattice Universe
R. W. Lindquist
Session IV Invited Reports on Cosmology Chairman: F. J. Belinfante
12 Measurable Quantities that May Enable Questions of Cosmology to be Answered
Thomas Gold
13 Radio Astronomical Measurements of Interest to Cosmology
A. E. Lilley
Session V Unquantized General Relativity, Concluded
Chairman: A. Lichnerowicz
14 Measurement of Classical Gravitation Fields
Felix Pirani
15 Correspondence in the Generalized Theory of Gravitation
Behram Kursunoglu
16 Presentation of Work by T. Taniuchi
Ryoyu Utiyama
17 Negative Mass in General Relativity
Hermann Bondi
Session VI Quantized General Relativity Chairman: J. A. Wheeler
18 The Problems of Quantizing the Gravitational Field
P. G. Bergmann
19 Conceptual Clock Models
H. Salecker
20 The Three-Field Problem
F. J. Belinfante
Session VII Quantized General Relativity, Continued Chairman: A. Schild
21 Quantum Gravidynamics
Bryce DeWitt
Session VIII Quantized General Relativity, Concluded Chairman: V. Bargmann
22 The Possibility of Gravitational Quantization
23 The Necessity of Gravitational Quantization
Closing Session Chairman: B. S. DeWitt
24 Divergences in Quantized General Relativity
S. Deser
25 Critical Comments
R. P. Feynman
26 Summary of Conference
P. G. Bergmann
27 An Expanded Version of the Remarks by R.P. Feynmanon the Reality of Gravitational Waves