Pietro Daniel Omodeo

Pietro Daniel Omodeo is a cultural historian of science and a professor of philosophy of science at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy). He is the principal investigator of the ERC Consolidator research endeavour “Institutions and Metaphysics of Cosmology in the Epistemic Networks of Seventeenth-Century Europe” (2017-2022). Among his publications, he authored Copernicus in the Cultural Debates of the Renaissance: Reception, Legacy, Transformation (2014); he is the co-editor of Duncan Liddel (1561–1613): Networks of Polymathy and the Northern European Renaissance (2016); and he is presently completing for publication the monograph Political Epistemology: The Problem of Ideology in Science Studies.




Sources 11

Science in Court Society

Giovan Battista Benedetti’s Diversarum speculationum mathematicarum et physicarum liber (Turin, 1585)

Nov. 25, 2019