Each volume of the Proceedings series presents the results of a scientific meeting on current issues and supports, at the same time, further cooperation on these issues by offering an electronic platform with further resources and the possibility for comments and interactions.



Proceedings 7


(ed.) Markham J. Geller

Melammu volumes have broadened the horizons of studies of antiquity by encouraging the crossing of geographical and cultural boundaries between ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and Near East. The present Melammu volume extends from Greece to India, with articles on Phrygia and Armenia, also viewing texts from ancient Israel, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. The globalization described in this volume extends over language barriers and literatures, showing how texts as well as goods can travel between societies and regions. This collection of papers offer new insights and perspectives into connections between the Mediterranean World, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Persia and India.




Proceedings 6

„Dem Anwenden muss das Erkennen vorausgehen“

Jürgen Renn, Dieter Hoffmann, Birgit Kolboske (Hrsg.)

Ansätze zu Selbstverständnis, Transformation und Forschung in der Geschichte der KWG/MPG




Proceedings 5

Traditions and Transformations in the History of Quantum Physics

Shaul Katzir, Christoph Lehner, Jürgen Renn (eds.)

Studies on the history of theory, experimentation, and interpretation of quantum physics.




Proceedings 4

Guidobaldo del Monte (1545–1607)

Antonio Becchi, Domenico Bertoloni Meli, Enrico Gamba (eds.)

This volume describes the wide-ranging activities of Guidobaldo del Monte.




Proceedings 3

New Vistas on Old Problems

Tilman Sauer, Adrian Wüthrich (eds.)

Recent approaches to long-standing questions about the foundations of quantum mechanics.




Proceedings 2

Catalysis for the Conversion of Biomass and Its Derivatives

Malte Behrens, Abhaya K. Datye (eds.)

The book focuses on chemical aspects, such as catalyst development product analysis or reaction engineering, but also seeks a wider perspective and convers related issues like bioeconomics and plant growth.




Proceedings 1

Herausforderung Energie

Jürgen Renn, Robert Schlögl, Hans-Peter Zenner (Hrsg)

Die Atomdiskussion des Jahres 2011 berührt vielschichtige Aspekte der Energieversorgung. Das Buch bietet dazu aus der Sicht unterschiedlicher Fachdisziplinen aktuell Informationen und Hintergründe in allgemein verständlicher Form.